EPRI Vetted Product List

EPRI Vetted Product List


EPRI’s Vetted Product List – A Comprehensive Resource of Vetted Products for the Electric Vehicle Equipment Industry

EPRI's Vetted Product List is the nation's most comprehensive and consolidated resource for industry stakeholders, to include utilities and state agencies, to vet products and equipment for the deployment of electric vehicle charging and hardware systems.

EPRI's Vetted Product List evaluates equipment against criteria developed by industry consensus, utility input, and review of government agency requirements for the electric vehicle supply equipment industry.

Vendors may apply to have their equipment vetted against this list. To learn more about how to get your equipment vetted and added please follow the “Vendor Application for Product Review” link below.

For more information, please contact Allan Zhao at azhao@epri.com or 415-212-0394.

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