Microsites Demo - Flyer

Microsites Demo - Flyer

Microsites Demo Page

About the EPRI Microsites Platform

The microsites platform is being developed to ease the creation of content-based sites, including deliverables. A microsite is an individual web page or a small cluster of pages which are meant to function as a discrete entity within an existing website, such as a Program Website, or to complement an offline activity. The microsite's main landing page can have its own domain name or subdomain subject to various guard rails.

We use microsites at EPRI in several ways.  Some sites are designed for event promotion, others are tied to products or research deliverables. Each site, page and component are easy to author and maintain without any web development knowledge needed.

Every site, every page and even components can be limited to an access group.  They can also be public for viewing.  We utilize a security mechanism to restrict access to these pieces of online content.  EPRI Digital Solutions will work with you to ensure your content is properly protected.

Migrating to Microsites

EPRI’s Unique Pages will be the first to use the platform following content migration from the Member Center.  For sites or pages that only need to host/manage content a Unique Page will be the best fit. For sites that need to host collaborative forums with their audience, the Open Social based Collaboration Site will be the best fit.

EPRI Staff who own UPs and/or Collaboration Sites have already been contacted by their sector team (listed below) to verify the need to migrate their content. Those team members have no additional action at the current time and will be notified about next steps from the sector team when appropriate. Once they are contacted, they can expect coordinated support from the sector, IT, and communications teams.


Unique Content Point of Contact


Rachel Hall / Mera Gomez


Beth McRimmon / Lynette Evans

Power Delivery and Utilization

Lora Cocco / Ashley Eldredge

Once this content is migrated and validated Microsite development will open to new site requests.

Safe, Secure and in the Cloud?!

One of the challenges sought to overcome with the microsites platform is to provide a secure environment to host content.  Did you know that many export control related materials cannot be hosted on just any cloud platform?  They must be using a cloud application service that is FedRAMP authorized.

With the power of the cloud for scalability.  Who knows if your report is going to go viral?  A virtual event website may be seen around the world and associated content viewed by thousands of people at the same exact time.  The microsites platform has the capability to scale to meet the need.

Microsite Design Guide

For staff considering a new site, you will be able to use the Microsites Design Guide as your first stop in planning your microsite.  Inside this guide you will find templates to help vision your pages, a list of available components and how they work, as well as other suggested resources.  

Micro Page Example


Ready to go

In commitment to innovation, we utilize and extend from the widely popular Drupal open-source content management system.  This provides a combination of tools that support content managers, site builders and developers. 

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