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Renewables Information Technology Strategic Leadership (RITSL) Forum

Welcome to Renewables Information Technology Strategic Leadership (RITSL) Forum’s website. 

The RITSL forum is a group of individuals with common interests related to renewable power generation, IT networking and communications, data generation and collection, cyber security, and operational technology (OT).

The RITSL forum can work with EPRI research programs to sponsor research, develop tools and technology, or provide workforce development opportunities to its members through the normal EPRI processes.


The RITSL forum is be facilitated by EPRI and co-led by industry members. The membership is open to the following:

  • EPRI staff
  • EPRI members
  • Approved vendors
  • Approved government agency staff
  • Approved academia and outside researchers
  • Approved standards bodies representatives

Approvals of RITSL members outside of EPRI staff and EPRI members are made by the EPRI staff lead and the RITSL industry co-chairs.

RITSL Forum Annual Meeting

Please join us for the RITSL Forum's annual meeting taking place during the EPRI Workshops on Digitalization, Asset Management, and Data Security for Generation Assets - June 2024. The RITSL session on June 4th will be hybrid, offering both an in-person and virtual attendance option. The RITSL session on June 5th is in-person only.

When: June 4-6, 2024
Where: EPRI Charlotte Office

Technical presentations and facilitated discussion sessions could include the following topics:

  • Renewables generation network architectures
  • Renewables data generation, governance, analysis, and visualization
  • Wireless communications and technologies
  • IT/OT integration
  • Infrastructure reliability and bandwidth
  • Cyber security
  • Vendor, supplier, OEM, and supply chain
  • Renewables IT/OT/IIoT workforce development
  • Integration of new assets and acquisitions into an existing portfolio and infrastructure
  • Digital equipment and controls engineering, upgrades, and modernization projects

The EPRI Digitalization, Asset Management, and Data Security workshops are a series of events and workshops focused on digitalization technologies and processes, equipment reliability, information and communication technologies, cyber security, controls, and automation. The workshops are topically aligned into three tracks that build upon these common themes: digitalization, asset management, and operational data. Each track is designed to include relevant cross-topical, collaborative, and interactive sessions to increase attendee value and participation throughout the week. Attendees can tailor their meeting focus toward several different options.

Attendees will gain applied value in the respective topical track focus area by technology transfer of EPRI research results, learning and operating experience from attending industry peers, and hands-on opportunities to experience technologies and products that can be implemented within attendees’ plants and networks. Attendees should gain knowledge in areas of digital implementation, value, and risks that can be shared with colleagues and used for planning digital transformation activities.

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